Maidu Culture Studies

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due to a heavily booked program schedule.

Our Maidu programs immerse students in Native American traditions and customs. Students gain deeper understanding through hands-on, experiential learning. Programs are presented at Effie Yeaw Nature Center except where noted.

Making Clay

Methods of the Maidu now includes a distance learning option.

Grades 3-5

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Maidu Class Testimonials

“Thank you for the outreach program. It made a great ‘intro’ to the field trip, as well as bolstered our annual unit on local Native American communities.”

Kathy Pritchard

Teacher, Jackson Elementary School

“The entire field day was valuable to the learners, parents and myself. I certainly appreciate the high quality of this program each year. Of all the field trips we take each year (we take six field trips) this is a favorite of the learners and parents. The organization and preparation of the Maidu Day is exceptional. The learners and parents glean an extraordinary amount of knowledge during this experience.”

Lynne Yamane

Teacher, Carriage Elementary School

“Thank you for being so kind and letting us have the quiet walk. It was the greatest adventure I ever had.”


Student, Nevada City School of the Arts

“I just wish much more of what happens in schools could be like the days we spent on our Nisenan Maidu study.”

Debbie Spacek

Teacher, Northridge Elementary School

“It is important for the children to develop an understanding of other cultures. Seeing their environment and how the Nisenan used it helps children to appreciate their resourcefulness. I love the solo walk. For some of our kids it’s the first time they’ve been alone away from home. Yes, this program meets our grade level requirements! It brings life to what can be otherwise dry curriculum.”

Kathy Hall

Teacher, Silva Valley Elementary School

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