Bird Song: There’s a LOT More Going on Than Meets the Ear!

with Ed Pandolfino

Friday, March 15
7:00 – 8:00 pm

Program Description: Ed will take us into the amazing world behind the notes to appreciate the astounding variety of bird song, how male birds compose their songs to attract the girls and intimidate their rivals, how to tell where a bird was born by listening to their song, how they preform amazing feats of vocal athleticism, and more… You’ll never hear bird song the same after this.

Speaker Biography: Ed Pandolfino toured Europe with a Rock & Roll band, received a Ph.D. in biochemistry, and worked in the medical device business until an eyeball-to-eyeball encounter with a Spotted Towhee inspired early retirement and a commitment to all things feathered. He has published two books and dozens of papers on status and behavior of birds, much of it focused on bird vocalizations.

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Beginning Birding: Why Bird, Yard Birds and eBird

with Rich Howard

Wednesday, March 20
6:30 – 8:00 pm

Program Description: Birding is an increasingly popular activity, but sometimes it can be a bit intimidating to get started. Rich will cover why you might enjoy and benefit from birding, what birds to look for in your yard and nearby, and how eBird might help you get started.

Speaker Biography: Rich Howard has been birding since the early 1970’s at home and on all seven continents. He teaches Beginning Birding classes at Effie Yeaw Nature Center and elsewhere and co-leads Beginning Birding trips for Sacramento Audubon Society.

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The Birds of the Effie Yeaw Nature Area

with Ed Harper

Thursday, March 14
7:00 – 8:30 pm

Program Description: With over 180 species of birds having been listed by eBird at the Effie Yeaw Nature Area, this local treasure provides a great template for becoming acquainted with the birds of the Sacramento region. Using exquisite photos accompanied by a wealth of natural history, this program will provide a meaningful and useful guide for developing skills and knowledge of the birds in our area.

Speaker Biography: Ed Harper grew up in Montana where he was first inspired by birds at the age of six. Since then he has traveled the world visiting all the continents with birds being the driving focus. He has photographed over 800 species in the United States and many more throughout the world. A former mathematics professor and now retired from American River College, he and his wife Susan Scott have led many tours around the world. Ed is a sought after speaker for many birding conferences and has frequently been a key note speaker for the Central Valley Birding Symposium.

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