Aquatic Studies

Pond & River Programs

Available September, October and March through May

Kids Learning Aquatic Studies in Pond

Pond & River Classroom Lab

Students conduct classroom investigations and hands-on lab, introducing them to a variety of aquatic invertebrates.

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Pond & River Field Study and Lab

Introduce students to a world of aquatic invertebrates by studying the life in our local fresh-water habitats. Includes a field day and the classroom lab.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The field study has a required number of adult volunteers depending on the number of students. Broken down as follows:

  • Up to 18 children,3 adult volunteers required.
  • 19-24 children, 4 adult volunteers required.
  • 25-30 children, 5 adult volunteers required.
  • 31-36 children, 6 adult volunteers required.
  • 37-40 children, 7 adult volunteers required.

Any adult volunteers over and above the required number will be an additional $5 per person paid in advance. Students will work in pairs, within a small group, supervised by a responsible adult at all times. Everyone involved in the Pond and River Field Study needs to be in the water and actively participating in the program.

Any adult volunteers over and above the required number will be an additional $5 per person paid in advance. All participating chaperones will be working knee-deep in water along with the students they supervise. Any drivers who are not acting as chaperones can enjoy other areas of the park or run errands during the field trip.

In 2008, the City and County of Sacramento enacted a life jacket ordinance that requires that all children under the age of 13 must wear a life jacket in or around all waterways in Sacramento County. The Nature Center will provide life jackets for your class. Teachers will receive a form inquiring the sizes of the students that will need to be filled out and returned before the field trip.

Unfortunately trash from previous visitors to the river or pond has made exposed feet unsafe. Broken glass and fish hooks can be prevalent in the water and on the shore. Any shoe that covers and protects the foot is required. Due to these safety concerns; any child wearing inappropriate footwear will not be permitted to enter the water, thus limiting their participation in the field trip activities.

The field study is located at William B. Pond Park at the end of Arden Way in Carmichael. The naturalist will meet your group in the parking lot and guide them on a small hike to the locations where the exploration will occur.

No. The Effie Yeaw Nature Center has received special permits from the California Department of Fish and Game and Department of Regional Parks that allows us to catch and release any specimens found.

Effie Yeaw Nature Center policy is to fulfill our programs rain or shine. However, if severe weather conditions at the field study site make it unsafe, the naturalist will contact you to reschedule your field trip.

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