Grades 3-5

Maidu Culture Methods Class

Discover pre-1850’s Sacramento Valley with this outreach program introducing students to the traditional culture of the Valley Nisenan. Experience the sights and sounds of pre-contact Nisenan life and culture through a PowerPoint presentation. Students will examine replica artifacts of the Maidu culture during a hands-on portion of the program. Emphasis is placed on the Valley Nisenan living in balance with the natural environment.

Methods of the Maidu

n your classroom students will experience the sights and sounds of pre-1850 Valley Nisenan Maidu culture through a visual presentation, storytelling and replica Maidu artifact exploration.

  • 75-minute program
  • $205 for up to 35 students

New! Distance Learning Programs Available

Maidu Online – Grades 3-5
Students will learn about the Valley Nisenan Maidu culture through an exploration of replica Maidu artifacts and storytelling.

Online programs are conducted using Zoom and include:

  • A 5 minute login time for students.
  • 30 minutes of interactive content and viewing of Animal Ambassadors
  • 5 minutes for student’s questions
  • Optional pre-homework/post-homework activity.

If you have any issues with requesting your program, please contact us at

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