Pond & River Classroom Lab

Introduce students to a world of freshwater invertebrates by studying the life in our local freshwater habitats; students meet a variety of small creatures which depend on clean water for life and are the foundation of many food webs.

Students conduct classroom investigations and hands-on lab, introducing them to a variety of aquatic invertebrates. This program is offered September, October & March through May.

Girl Studying Water in Jar

Pond and River Classroom Lab

Grades 2-6
This classroom lab offers a PowerPoint presentation and four investigative stations featuring a variety of aquatic invertebrates and their role in our freshwater ecology.

  • Available in September, October, March, April and May
  • 75 minute program in your classroom
  • $205 for up to 35 students

Pond & River Virtual Program

Grades 2-6
This virtual lab offers a close-up look at various live aquatic invertebrates from both pond and river habitats. Students investigate their adaptations, life cycle, their important role in our freshwater ecology, and how to support these small animals. They also examine aquatic habitats and the components that ensure a healthy system where various life support each other.

If you have any issues with requesting your program, please contact us at scheduling@sacnaturecenter.net.

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