Pond and River Field Study & Lab

Take your exploration of aquatic ecosystems further by leaving the confines of a classroom to this American River wetland habitat. Students will explore different aquatic environments to examine and compare the organisms found in each. This knee-deep investigation allows students to make their own discoveries and learn to identify aquatic organisms, while appreciating the wonder of the riparian habitat. All organisms found and examined by students are released.

Prerequisite: The appropriate grade level classroom presentation, included in the fee (see below).

The kid pointing into the plastic container with river elements

Pond and River Classroom Lab and Field Study

Grades 2-6
Introduce students to a world of aquatic invertebrates by studying the life in our local freshwater habitats; students meet a myriad of small creatures which depend on clean water for life and are the foundation of many food webs. The program includes classroom investigations and hands-on labs introducing students to a variety of aquatic invertebrates, and a field trip to look for and study these truly amazing animals in their habitat.

  • Available in September, October, March, April and May
  • 75 minute program in your classroom AND 2 hour field study (on another day) along the American River
  • Field study days available on Monday, Wednesday or Friday
  • $390 for up to 35 students

If you have any issues with requesting your program, please contact us at scheduling@sacnaturecenter.net.

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