Current Status Covid-19: Updated June, 2021

June 01, 2021

Updated: March, 2021

  • Visitor Center & Discovery Store Hours* Tuesday - Friday: 10am-2pm
  • Visitor Center & Discovery Store Hours* Saturday & Sunday: 10am - 5pm 
  • Visitor Center & Discovery Store Hours* Mondays: Closed 
  • Trails are Open** (See Sacramento County Parks Website for Hours)

*  Visitor Center capacity is limited and there may be a wait to enter if it gets busy. Per state order, face masks are required to protect guests, staff, and volunteers. 

** Because the Effie Yeaw Nature Study Area is located inside Ancil Hoffman Park, park closures (including access to parking lots, trails, and restrooms) are determined by Sacramento County.  

Click here to check the status of Ancil Hoffman Park. 

Planning your Visit 

Please be aware that Effie Yeaw Nature Center restrooms are closed. If you are using the trails, please keep our community and environment safe and healthy by engaging the following practices:

  • Maintain social distancing at all times
  • Avoid using picnic benches and other public surfaces 
  • Practice leave no trace
  • Do not bring your dog into the Nature Study Area.

What, no dogs? But my dog is so sweet.  

We love dogs too; however, dogs are NOT allowed in the Effie Yeaw Nature Study area.Not even if you are holding them. Why? 

The presence of dogs creates a lot of stress for wildlife, no matter how sweet or well behaved they might be. Did you know that for most wildlife the first indication of a predator is its scent? So even if you carry your dog, wildlife know they are there and it causes them undue stress. The no dog policy is why you can see so much wonderful wildlife here! Let's protect our wild neighbors and keep their stress levels low (this way we also get to see them!) Leashed dogs are allowed in other areas of Ancil Hoffman park and the American River Parkway. 




Time in Nature Helps Reduce Stress

Time in nature reduces stress and engages kids of all ages. If you are feeling cooped up and stressed out take a walk outside (keeping social distancing practices) and get curious about the incredible wonders of the natural world! Apps like iNaturalist fit in the palm of your hand are a great resource to help you learn about the world around you. 

Learn, create, activate with our new Ask a Naturalist online program! Check out the most recent editions and catch up on fascinating articles you might have missed on our blog page.

Also, keep your eye on our social media pages for articles and activities to help get your dose of  "Vitamin N" (to use the words of Richard Louv).Go to: 



Animal ambassadors will continue to receive their regular daily care. If you have registered for a program or an event you will be contacted shortly.