Effie Yeaw Nature Center: Parkway Treasure

Sep 6, 2012

Effie Yeaw Nature Center: Parkway Treasure is a nine-minute program about the history, mission, and programs of the Nature Center produced by volunteer and ARNHA Board member Linda Thomas. She spent four months capturing the sights and sounds of the preserve, interviewing preserve visitors, and highlighting Nature Center programs.

“My goal was to produce a video that informs people about the purpose of the nature center and inspires them to explore, volunteer, or contribute to it,” Linda said. “The preserve is so rich in visual diversity, that it was very exciting to shoot there early in the morning when the wildlife was active. Everyone I interviewed was wonderfully enthusiastic about their experiences there, especially the children.”

Linda, who has a background as a teacher and as a videographer for the State of California, said, “Making this video was a way to share some of the beauty that I’ve seen at the preserve. It was a joy to do this project.”

EYNC Executive Director Paul Tebbel said, “Linda has produced a wonderful short video on the Nature Center. It is well worth watching by anyone interested in the education programs and other services available at Effie Yeaw Nature Center.”

Music for the video is by Grammy Award winning artist Mary Youngblood who generously donated the rights to use two of her songs in the program.

Watch the video and then visit in person.