FREE Weekend Nature Programs

Looking at Plants in the Nature Preserve

Join us every Saturday at 10:30am and Sunday at 1:00pm for a hike or a talk led by one of our naturalists. These public programs, appropriate for all ages and interest-levels, are provided free of charge. Consistent with our goals of educating and inspiring the community, the programs cover a wide-range of science and nature-related topics from bird-watching to solar-cooking. Guest speakers featured throughout the year bring expertise and passion to their programs, attracting many return visitors.

Space is limited - sign-ups are taken the day of the event. We recommend you arrive 30 minutes prior to start time. Weekend programs are free to visitors, but donations helps us keep our doors open and programs running.

Save the Frogs Day!

April 29, 2017

10:30 AM Ė Come celebrate some of Earthís most unique creaturesÖ FROGS! Come see our resident amphibians up close, learn how important they are in the web of life, and how inform us about the health of our local waterways. Make beautiful art celebrating your favorites!

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Tree Glee

April 30, 2017

1:30 PM- Our mighty oak trees provide food and shelter for many animals and insects. Learn the how to identify different varieties of oak trees in the Nature Preserve and who might be living in them. This is a free weekend program for all ages. Donations gratefully accepted. Space is limited Ė sign-ups are taken the day of the event. We recommend you arrive 30 minutes prior to start time. There is a $5 per car entrance fee into Ancil Hoffman County Park (Free to members)

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Tracks and Scat

May 06, 2017

10:30AM - There are many animal-made clues in the woods that reveal what has used the trail before you. Become a nature detective and search for some tracks, scat and other signs of animals in the Nature Preserve.

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Wet and Wild Pond Animals

May 07, 2017

1:30PM - Splashing, skimming, swishing, and swimming- what are all those creatures in the water? Discover these water loving animals as you use catch and release activities to explore the Nature Center pond!

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Under the Oaks

May 13, 2017

10:30AM - Our mighty oak trees provide food and shelter for many animals and insects. Learn how to identify the three species of oak trees found in the Nature Preserve, and who may be living in them.

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Gifts from Mother Earth

May 14, 2017

1:30PM - Join us this Motherís Day to create a one-of-a-kind craft from Mother Earth as you learn the skill of polishing abalone to make a necklace. Bring mom along or take your craft home for a beautiful handmade gift.

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Birding for Families

May 20, 2017

10:30AM - Bring the family out for a birding and nature walk led by a naturalist and our special guest guides from the Sacramento Audubon Society. Birdwatchers of all levels welcomed. Make sure to bring your binoculars, or we can loan you a pair.

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Snakes Alive!

May 21, 2017

1:30PM - Come explore the variety of snakes that live in the Sacramento area. Is everything you know about snakes really true? Join us as we seek the truths behind many of the myths of these ancient reptiles.

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Raptors of the River

May 27, 2017

10:30AM - Take a walk on the wild side in search of some of the raptors that call the riverís edge home. Learn about these amazing birds of prey and what species can be found in our area.

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Critter Corner

May 28, 2017

1:30PM - Have you ever wondered where the Nature Centerís animals come from and why they are here? Come nose to nose with a few of our resident animals, hear their stories and learn all about what makes them unique!

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National Trails Day!

June 03, 2017

10:30am - Enjoy a hike in the EYNC nature area to show your support for our local trails. Learn about local wildlife and what you can do to help maintain the trails!

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Tools and Tales

June 04, 2017

1:30pm - Join us inside and enjoy some tantalizing tales of creatures, people, and nature! Get a chance to view replica Maidu artifacts made from the gifts of the earth and learn about their many uses.

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Cold-Blooded Creatures

June 11, 2017

1:30pm - Some have scaly skin, some have slimy skin, some have legs and some do not. Can you guess what they are? Join and find out! Meet a resident animal up close.

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Nature Journaling

June 17, 2017

10:30am - Join Naturalist Heather for a nature journaling session. Learn the benefits of journaling, what supplies to bring and how to gain a deeper connection with nature. Bring your journal and favorite sketching supplies or borrow some from us. No drawing lessons provided.

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Fathers and Frogs

June 18, 2017

1:30pm - Bring Dad and make a splash this Fatherís Day as you explore the Nature Centerís pond. Using catch and release activities youíll discover the hidden world of water insects, polliwogs and, if youíre lucky, an adult frog!

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Solstice Stroll

June 24, 2017

10:30am - Beat the heat and join a Naturalist for a hike through the preserve as the summer season arrives. See what changes are happening as the weather heats up!

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Salamander Storytime

June 25, 2017

1:30pm - Come enjoy some stories about these amazing amphibians, learn all about their double lives, and meet one up close!

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