During these 2 hours I’ll share and show participants 3 Kundalini Yogic Breathwork Techniques to: 1. Get out of the “loop” of intrusive thoughts (no hypnosis, “positive thinking”, or special skills required) 2. Become focused, productive and motivated to work…even if you are feeling tired, overwhelmed, and “all over the place” 3. Feel more relaxed, confident and free from excessive worry about the future. As a bonus, I will take participants through a Kundalini Kriya known to: 1. Improve circulatory system 2. Remove toxins from the energy system (aka release toxic energy) 3. Increase sense of compassion, understanding and acceptance of the Self and others as we all traverse this challenging journey called “Life” and, finally, I will end the session with a Gong Sound Bath Healing. I have allotted 2 hours for clarification of terms, ensuring correct use of the techniques, explaining each exercise, etc.

*Program may be canceled if minimum registration is not met

Healing in Nature

Title: Healing in Nature with Kundalini Yoga Techniques to Relieve Stress & Anxiety

Speaker: Shante Kumar

Date: Saturday, June 17

Time: 10am – 12pm

Price: Member: $35 / Non-member: $50

Age range: No age limits, however children unable to sit still for up to 3 minutes may find it challenging.

Healing in Nature

About the Instructor: Shante Kumar

As a Spirituality & Mindset Life Coach, with over 20 years in psychiatric nursing, Shante helps clients improve their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health to enjoy increased energy, improved focus, greater self-confidence, and a deeper connection to Spirit as Nature that permeates, and improves, every aspect of their lives.

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