The American River Natural History Association’s Annual Meeting is held each September at the Effie Yeaw Nature Center. The Meeting is a celebration of the year’s accomplishments and includes an update on goals and objectives, recognition of volunteers, and election of board members.

Executive Committee Members

Photo of Laurie Weir

Laurie Weir

Board President

Photo of Margaret Leavitt

Margaret Leavitt

First Vice President

Photo of Ed Smith

Ed Smith

Second Vice President

Photo of Kathy Webb

Kathy Webb


Photo of Robin Kren

Robin Kren


Executive Director

Photo of Kent Anderson

Kent Anderson

Executive Director

Members at Large

Photo of Bud Banker

Bud Banker

Photo of Carye Colangelo

Carye Colangelo

Photo of Randy Getz

Randy Getz

Photo of Chuck Halnan

Chuck Halnan

Photo of Neil Brown

Neil Brown

Photo of Bill Spaller

Bill Spaller

Photo of Greg Knox

Greg Knox

Associate Members

  • Joey Johnson
  • Molly Keller
  • Bruce Kennedy
  • Peggy Kennedy
  • Hunter Merritt
  • Beryl Michaels
  • Don Mongeau
  • Diana Parker
  • Margaret Rogers
  • Kip Skidmore
  • Betsy Weiland
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