Effie Yeaw Nature Center
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American River Natural History Association

Wild About Wetlands:  An Interactive Exhibition

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For information on the hours that this exhibit is open, please see Opening Hours.

Wetlands are found all over the world where low-lying lands meet water, or where rivers meet oceans.  Wetlands are saturated with water at least part of the year, and are important hosts for a variety of plants and wildlife.  In the Central Valley, there are different types of wetlands, including marshes, ponds, edges of creeks and rivers, and vernal pools.  These areas are some of the most biologically productive environments on the planet, comparable to tropical rainforests. 

Wetlands act as giant sponges, slowing and storing rushing floodwater, then releasing it in drier times.  Like huge filters, wetlands clean the water by breaking down or removing pollution.  This exhibition will help you to understand their beauty, role in the ecosystem... and also their importance.

The Effie Yeaw Nature Center is an appropriate home for this exhibition. 

Nestled amid an oak woodland along the American River, this award-winning environmental and cultural education center is ideally suited to tell the story of riverside (riparian) forests and other wetlands, and their importance in an ecosystem of which we are all part. 

Come and get a close-up look at some live wild animals from the area and enjoy this lively hands-on museum exhibit that is fun and educational for all ages.